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Some of the events and workshops created by Possibility Managers and using this context and tools as well as other methods and ideas are listed here. There are far more such things developing all over the world because the context of radical responsibility and the tools of Possibility Management are supportive for a lot of gameworlds where more consciousness and awareness is intended. To list all such opportunities on this side would be far beyond from what we would like to handle. Nevertheless, if you think something should be mentioned here please tell one of your trainers.

If not marked in red the events are in German language.

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18 Feb 2017 - 12 Feb 2018
Sat 09:00 am - Mon 10:00 pm
Journey to India
with Michael Dammann & Volker Augustyniak FLYER
in German & English
1.290,00 € ohne Flug / without flight (min. 10 p.)
Info & Registration
Michael Dammann, 05247/3747, mobil 0151 28 21 66 05,