Archearchy TRAININGS

Feelings Practitioner Program

The Feelings Practitioner reflects the emergence of a new culture in the field of medicine.

As an in-depth training, the Feelings Practitioner program addresses two target groups:

  • Interested persons with Possibility Lab experience will find new dimensions to healing of conditions and ailments like sleep disorders, joint pain, grinding of teeth, allergies, etc.
  • Nurses, midwives, alternative health practitioners, psychotherapists, and body workers will expand their skills to support healing in the emotional body.

The human being inhabits four bodies, not just one: the physical, intellectual, energetic, and emotional bodies. This explains why symptoms may persist even after being treated by medical doctors (physical body), psychologists (mental body), and energy workers (energetic body).

For a complete healing, all four bodies should be considered.

The Feelings Practitioner program teaches innovative tools and procedures for the effective treatment of emotional symptoms. These tools have been developed in the course of some forty years of practical experience and research in Possibility Management. Their precision and efficiency are unsurpassed.

The Feelings Practitioner program is a practice-oriented supplementary training which advances any medical/therapeutic area of expertise. For more details, visit the Feelings Practitioner website where you'll also find registration and contact information.