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For men who are ready to upgrade the quality of their life

A team of 6 men will immerse for a period of 3 weeks in a mysterious culture
and the luxury of impressive simplicity.
 The focus will be on one exquisite essential:
 Initiatory Teamwork to unfold each person’s uniqueness.

 With Michael Pörtner alias Ini Jones from 5 – 27 October 2017

Are you in?

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Following the UnConference GAIA IS HIRING

Looking back at a successful and nurturing UnConference GAIA IS HIRING which took place from 25-28 May at Lenzwald/Germany, and provided spaces for exploring, connecting with nature, deepening project ideas, and connecting with each other, we would like to draw your attention to two inspiring articles written by two participants.

In German from Brigitte Erhardt, just published in the online magazine ohfamoos at this link:

In English from Stefanie Eisl:

Soon there will be a film-documentation about the UnConference.

We’ll keep you informed.


Feelings Practitioner Lab 27-30 July 2017

For people who are already working in therapeutical or medical professions there is an additional future-oriented training for becoming a Feelings Practitioner. If you appreciate the value and the importance of the feelings work from Possibility Management, and if you are interested in co-creating cutting-edge healing skills then this could be your path. You find more information on the Feelings Practitioner Website or in a personal conversation with us.

Feelings Practitioner Healing Day July 29, 2017

Your physical body speaks a particular language. Symptoms indicate an imbalance or a theme that is ready to be healed. Feelings Practitioner Sessions help you to relate to your symptoms in a different way – rather than just wanting to get rid of them. You find more flow and pave the way for healing to occur. During the Feelings Practitioner Lab we offer single sessions. Feel free to contact us and reserve your personal appointment on July 29, 2017.




Current Events

You will find the complete training overview 2017/18 with many more trainings, workshops, talks, feelings work, and courses led by Possibility Managers at this link.

Best wishes from the
Next Culture Research & Training Center